***It’s so SWELL...this Wish for Bell is fulfilled!***

SC27 - Social & Emotional Learning (All Students & Adults)



Social Emotional Learning is a very important component to programming at Bell School.  There are three major committees that support social emotional learning at Bell.   The Social Emotional Committee was formed to provide support for both students and parents through Parent Speaker Nights and additional enrichment programming.  The committee sponsors parent speaker nights with topics chosen (through previous survey results) to help parents support our children's emotional health and intelligence. 

The second committee is PBIS which promotes positive behavior through the Buddy Day program, Birthday Trolley, Take a Seat Make a Friend, and quarterly celebrations

The third iniative is Responsive Classroom and is new to our school this year.  It has been successful with students and staff since the start of school year.  The students really enjoy morning meeting which is different in every classroom and quiet time after their lunch period. 

We are striving toward our goal of including more speaker nights, creating monthly activities to support and reinforce themes from the Second Step curriculum such as empathy, kindness to others, and understanding one's feelings and continue improving on our Responsive Classroom model.