TC12 - 21st Century Interactive Classroom



This internal grant allows teachers to apply for technology tools and resources with the intention of replicating these classrooms throughout the building as it is feasible.

You can give our teachers the freedom and the means to throw the switch on all kinds of creative solutions to our children's learning with a gift to the 21st Century Interactive Classroom. As a result of your generous donations on the previous WishList campaign, classrooms have been provided with LCD projectors, Apple TV, document cameras, and personal interactive tablets with integrated pens. Additionally, document cameras and projectors have enhanced instruction for teachers in the deaf department.

This fund also helps to maintain our existing technology with necessary upgrades.  At Bell, we value teachers who are using or would like to use technology in the classroom. We do not want them to have to be creative about financing, too.

That is why the 21st Century Interactive Classroom is such a special opportunity.