***It’s so SWELL...this Wish for Bell is fulfilled!***

SC31 - Unity Committee for Teacher Appreciation



The Unity Committee is made up of parents who work together to unite our Bell community. Our 2017 and beyond goal is to expand the Unity Committee to focus not only on the parent/staff relationships but the parent/student, student/staff and student/student relationships.

Our school is outstanding because of the thoughtfulness we provide each other in these types of partnership.

The Unity Committee:

♦ welcomes staff back for the school years with notes and small tokens of appreciation in their mailboxes

♦ expresses school-wide appreciation of teachers and staff for each holiday

♦ works with the student ambassadors to celebrate Upstander Week and other events throughout the year to encourage positive student/student, student/staff relationships

♦ coordinates a school-wide effort during Teacher Appreciation Week

♦ currently we are working with the Bell Staff and Students to coordinate the details for the Centennial Celebration