***It’s so SWELL...this Wish for Bell is fulfilled!***


SC46 - Financial Literacy (Grades 1-5 Options)


The Bell Regional Gifted Center recognizes the importance of educating students in financial literacy. To this end, we are pleased to welcome the addition of the Climb to Safety program to our curriculum. During the 2018-2019 school year, students in first, second, third, fourth and fifth grades will participate in this program.

Climb to Safety 

Teaching financial literacy one step at a time

Program Overview

"Early financial education is important for individual well-being and also the economic health of the United States."

-Former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke

Imagine this:

In 1st grade, a financial advisor comes in weekly to teach students the foundations of this important topic.

It gets better:

The class receives an initial donation invested in a 529 College Savings Account.

What happens next?

The money and curriculum follow the students to the next grade.

Students start monitoring and analyzing their class investment.

Students gain knowledge about the global economy and start making informed decisions on their class College Account.

What happens in 8th grade?

The investment is divided into individual 529 accounts benefiting each student.

What has the student gained?

Financial education that will help put their life goals within reach.