***It’s so SWELL...this Wish for Bell is fulfilled!***

SC20 - Fulcrum Point Residency (All 5th Graders)



                                                                                                                     Learning diversity through music

Fulcrum Point is a not-for-profit, Chicago-based organization that seeks to introduce diverse new music to students. Their classroom program, Sound Tracks, uses music as a catalyst for learning about cultures around the world. The students receive six workshops composed of lectures, video presentations, and live performances. Music guides the Sound Tracks journey as children explore the geography, topography, art, architecture, and cultures of various world regions. It is not just a music appreciation program but it provides ideas and tools for teachers to enhance their schools' existing social studies programs. Fulcrum Point's musicians and international artists lead the sessions.

The "Suggested Wish" for the current Fourth Grade class will be implemented in the next school year when they are Fifth Graders.