***It’s so SWELL...this Wish for Bell is fulfilled!***

SC49 - Mosaic Art



Students will work with Ms. Pearlmutter to design a mosaic mural to be installed on the Bell School grounds. The mural will serve as a pre-cursor to the 8th grade Legacy Project and will prepare students to engage in that project in a more meaningful way.  7th graders will have a chance to develop their understanding of the great public art tradition in Chicago and the world as well as develop an appreciation of the long, decorative history of mosaic arts.

As seen through the eyes of the students, mural themes will draw on ideas of community culture, Facing History inquiry and the 5 core values of Bell School: Pursuing the Arts, Uniting Through Community, Creating Identity, Developing Global Citizens, Maintaining Balanced Learning. Through inquiry and sketching, students will work with Ms. Pearlmutter to design and forge sparkly, engaging, beautiful hand built, ceramic, glass and found object mosaic installations in and outside of the school.

Rumor has it, Mr. Busse (was a part time art teacher for Bell) may step in to collaborate on this residency so it will be fun to work with an old friend!