Bell School Wish List

2019 Form


The Wish List is Bell School's biggest fundraiser of the year.  With the Wish List, you decide how your tax-deductible, financial contributions will support Bell School.

Feel free to contact the Wish List Committee at with any questions or check the FAQs for an answer to the question.

To donate, simply click on the blue text to be taken to a donation page for each item. To download a paper form, click here.


Item # Activity Name Full Funding Current Total   Item # Actvity Name Full Funding Current Total
Grade Target Items for 2019-2020     School Wide    
SC48 CircEsteem (All 1st Graders)* $7,500 $200.00 SC29 Green Initiatives $1,000  
IN39 Civics (All 2nd Graders)* $6,000   SC27 Social & Emotional Learning (All Students & Adults) $3,500  
SC19 Theatre Residency (All 3rd Graders)* $6,500 $1,200.00 TC12 21st Century Tech Accelerator $25,000 $1,000.00
SC26 Poetry Residency (All 4th Graders)* $3,500 $200.00
SC20 Fulcrum Point Residency (All 5th Graders)* $2,500 $500.00 SC31/PD7 Unity Committee for Teacher Appreciation $2,000 $80.00
SC52 History through the Arts Residency (All 6th Graders) $10,500   IN54 Academic Teams (6th - 8th Graders) $7,000 $250.00
SC49 Mosaic Art (All 7th Graders) $3,500  
SC18 8th Grade Legacy Project (All 8th Graders)* $1,500          
SC40 Class of 2019 Gift to Bell (Current 8th Graders)* $2,000 $100.00        
Math/Science     Student Activity    
IN13 Science Materials (All K - 8 Grades) $5,000 $200.00 SC32 Milestone Field Trip Scholarship Fund (All 5th-8th Graders) $6,000  
IN8 Chinese Program Resources (All K - 8th Grades) $5,000 $901.00 SC10 Field Trip Scholarship Fund $500 FUNDED!
SC7 Sign Language Experience $10,000 $1,000.00 SC51 Health & Wellness (PE Materials, Athletics, Clubs & Parent Speakers) $10,000 $100.00
        SC53 Digital Health Monitors for PE Classes $6,000  
Fine Arts     Literacy    
IN10 Art History (All 7th & 8th Graders)* $4,000 $200.00 IN18 Classroom Novel Collections $5,000 $200.00
IN21 Art Supplies & Experiences $7,000 $50.00 SC46 Financial Literacy (Grades 1 - 5 Options) $6,900 $200.00
SC2 Fine Arts Program $4,000 $200.00        
SC34/ SC43 Deaf Program Residencies including Cultural Experiences, Yoga, and Tap Dance (Deaf Classes) $7,500   Bell School-Wide General Fund    
IN20 Music Supplies & Experiences $5,000   GEN BElieve in Bell (Allocated by administration & the LSC) ANY  
SC50 STEAM Lab & Library $7,000 $1,300.00


Thank you for helping to keep Bell a great school - every dollar counts!